It’s time to rally Chicago students: To stand up taller for their needs; to look out further for their interests; to care more deeply about their goals. It’s time to go all in on reducing dropout rates, and go bold with ideas to graduate more students.

Good people: Check your phone, watch or screen – the time is now to go in more schools with more programs and caring adults to help more children be successful.

What we’re trying to tell you is this:
It’s time to go #allinforkids!

Letter to Our Supporters

No organization in Chicago matches the breadth and depth of our work with young people. Our work is made possible by the generosity of our donors and funders. With deepest appreciation for their support, we invite you to read more about our impact, and learn what we mean when we say that CIS of Chicago is #allinforkids!

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Sucada Bell, CIS Chicago school partnership specialist, on the value of CIS' work.

“We understand that each student can be successful. There are barriers that may impact their progress, and we work to mitigate those barriers and to put resources into place – which may be our services or those from a community partner – in order to help them succeed.”
– Aisha Bell, Director of Integrated Student Supports

Intensive Support

When kids are in school, we’re there with them through our Intensive Program.

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Celia Lozano, our chief program officer, speaks on what it means to be all in for Chicago’s students.

In School for Kids: Reunion

School Partnerships

We are all in for Chicago’s kids, working with school faculty to connect high quality programs and services to all our school partners.

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How do we connect services to schools? Robin Koelsch, our director of partnerships, walks you through that process.

School Partners

“As talented and resilient as Chicago’s students are, most overcome significant obstacles to succeed. Years of teaching showed me that kids need a range of support – and caring adults in their corner – to achieve inside and outside of the classroom.”
Bartholomew St. John, Chief Communications and Innovation Officer

Community Partnerships

From museums and performance groups, to health education and college-readiness programs, these organizations can rely on our CIS of Chicago community partner specialists to connect them to classrooms and auditoriums filled with students ready to receive what they can offer.

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Karen Roddie, our senior community partnership specialist, speaks to the value of community partners to our work.

2017-2018 Community Partners

Mentoring Programs

When caring adults want to volunteer in schools, they are encouraged to participate in InspireU, a CIS of Chicago mentoring program for middle-school students.

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This year, CIS of Chicago launched the STEMpathy direct student support program. The program is rooted in the idea that the jobs of the future will require both science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills and strong interpersonal skills.

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Kara Victorsen, our STEMpathy initiative manager, speaks to the value of combining STEM and social-emotional learning.

By The Numbers

Students Served


Programs and services connected to students


School Partners


Community Partners


Student Hours in InspireU Program




Intensive Program



Case-managed students who graduated or were promoted


Case-managed students dropped out

Fiscal Year 2018 Revenue was $3.2 million




Recognition Programs

When it comes to recognizing student success in schools, CIS of Chicago celebrates young people and the caring adults in their lives with two annual awards.

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“It’s important for our city that we’re investing in these students, and that we’re not giving up on them. We are there to walk alongside them in this journey, and we do this work for all of us, because we all benefit when our young people are doing well.”
– Celia Lozano, Chief Program Officer

Board of Directors

Barbara M. Ford
(Board Chairman)
FordPartners, LLC

Bradley H. Meyers
(Board Treasurer)
Managing Director,
Public Market Investments
GCM Grosvenor

Samara Mejia Hernandez
(Board Secretary)
MATH Venture Partners

Craig A. Bondy
Managing Director

Mark Brady
Global Head of M&A
William Blair & Company L.L.C.

Ellen Carnahan
Machrie Enterprises LLC

Jodi J. Caro
Senior Vice President,
General Counsel
and Secretary
Ulta Beauty

Robert P. Conlon
Founding Partner
Walker Wilcox Matousek LLP

Brian W. Good
Managing Director,
Tradeable Credit
THL Credit

Ryan D. Harris
Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Torrence L. Hinton
Director –
Operations & Maintenance
Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas

Alain LeCoque
Colliers International

Brian Moncrief
Managing Director
Ares Credit Group

Scott G. Pasquini
Managing Director
Madison Dearborn Partners LLC

Valli Perera

Matthew E. Steinmetz
Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Gregory A. Stoklosa
Managing Partner
AMZ Partners

Jim Welch
Nexgen Packaging

Kareem K.W.O.E. Wells
Chief Executive Officer
Flow Entertainment, Inc.

Alicia West
Vice President,
Region Sales

“We meet the needs of students, providing them with resources and enrichment opportunities leading them on the path to graduation.” – Sucada Bell, School Partnership Specialist

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