The 2020-21 school year posed many challenges to Chicago students and families, but throughout the stress and uncertainty, Communities In Schools (CIS) of Chicago remained a consistent presence. We continued to surround our students with a community of support – in schools and beyond – so that they stayed on the path to graduation.

Letter To Our Supporters

CIS of Chicago is the leading nonprofit in the city dedicated to removing barriers so that students can unlock their potential. We are grateful for the generosity of our supporters and the commitment of our team and partners who are invested in helping students reach graduation.

Unlocking Student Potential

“Throughout the school year, our focus remained squarely on the students, families, teachers, and administrators we serve, understanding that everyone was affected by the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic. We engaged students virtually, and when schools provided a hybrid option, we committed to being present at school as well. We continued to set goals with students and supported them to achieve their goals through innovative activities and outreach.”

– Lo Patrick, Senior Director of Integrated Student Supports

Intensive Support

We provided students tailored, one-on-one support through our Intensive Program.

“The CIS of Chicago Partnership Team knows the power of collaboration. During the last school year, we leaned into this pillar of our work while connecting not just programs and services, but also connecting people. We heard about the needs and the concerns, and we took the time to celebrate the wins, no matter how small. When things got challenging, and then got more challenging, we reminded our partners that they can depend on us because we know that when we work together, truly beautiful things happen.”

– Robin Koelsch, Senior Director of Partnerships

School Partnerships

We provided whole-school support through our Partnership Program.

Community Partnerships

We connected community partner resources and programs with schools who needed them the most.