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ABC-7: The Tenacity Awards Honor CPS Students

CIS Student Supports Manager Juanita Herrera, along with seventh-grader Jocelyn Ventura and her mom Rosa Ventura, joined ABC-7’s Rob Elgas for an interview about Jocelyn’s remarkable perseverance, which has earned her one of this year’s CIS Tenacity Awards.

Jocelyn shared more about the progress she’s made in her attendance, behavior, and grades, with Juanita’s help, and Mrs. Ventura shared what Juanita’s support has meant for the entire family.

“I’m very proud,” Mrs. Ventura said. “I’m happy that the school has brought the program here. I’m happy that Principal Hiltz has made that big effort to have Ms. Juanita here to help all of these kids. It’s a motivation sometimes that the kids might listen better to someone else better than the parent, and Ms. Juanita has been that person for Jocelyn. She has overcome a lot.”

Congrats to Jocelyn and all of this year’s CIS Tenacity Award winners! We look forward to witnessing your continued success in school and life.

Watch the full interview here.



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