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Facts & Figures

Here’s what you need to know about education in the City of Chicago

  • While Chicago Public Schools and the City of Chicago committed in fall 2019 to placing a full-time nurse and full-time social worker in all district schools over time, many schools are sharing those essential resources this year.
  • The challenges that face Chicago do not stop at schools’ main entrances. From persistent poverty and stubbornly high homicide rates to residential segregation and gangs, each of these issues often find their way into classrooms to negatively impact student behavior and performance.
  • Overall, the COVID-19 pandemic increased the stress level of many students and families, making their needs for wrap-around support services more acute than perhaps ever before.
Based on recent Chicago graduation trends, it’s reasonable to expect that nearly
of this year’s Chicago Public Schools ninth-graders will not graduate within five years.
students attend public schools in Chicago. Most come from lower-income households, with
0 %
of them meeting the federal government’s standards to qualify for free or reduced-fee lunches.
The five-year high-school graduation rate in Chicago is now
0 %
for all students. For African-American male students, the rate is
0 %
and for Hispanic male students, the rate is
0 %

Source: Chicago Public Schools

And here’s what Communities In Schools of Chicago is accomplishing

Since Fall 2009, of the


students our professionals have provided targeted, case-managed support to,


either graduated or were promoted to the next grade.
Fewer than


of students dropped out.

Our mission is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

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