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Our Staff

Under the stewardship of our directors, CIS of Chicago is known as a high-performing affiliate of Communities In Schools’ national network. Directors lead our programming, partnership, and development teams, managing our best resources to meet and exceed CIS standards.

The outcomes of their leadership is evident. In the summer of 2016, CIS of Chicago was selected for Communities In Schools’ Growth and Impact Initiative, enabling the organization to expand service to more schools and more students.

Executive Leadership Team

Name Title
Jane Mentzinger Chief Executive Officer
Judith Allen Chief Operating Officer and Clinical Director
Bartholomew St. John Chief Innovation and Communications Officer
Marianne Woodward Chief Resource Officer
Robin Koelsch Senior Director of Partnerships
Lo Patrick Senior Director of Intensive Student Supports

Program Staff

We work with schools in two ways — by connecting schools to schoolwide and group-focused programs and by placing master’s level staff members in schools to provide specialized support to students. The services we connect to schools are provided by a robust network of local organizations we call community partners.

Name Title
Zoe Cooper Andorka School Partnership Specialist
Simon Applyrs Student Supports Manager
Sucada Bell Associate Director of School Partnerships
Brian Broccolo Freshmen Rising Coordinator
Allison Brown Associate Director of Integrated Student Supports
Jacqueline Calles Student Supports Manager
Aja Curry Student Supports Manager
LaDonna Curry Senior Student Supports Manager
L’Kenya Dalcour Student Supports Manager
Kaila Davis Senior School Partnership Specialist
Crystle Dino Student Supports Manager
Stephanie Estrada Senior Student Supports Manager
Jenellie Exclusa Student Supports Manager
Paul Fagen Field Supervisor
Stacey Fredericks Student Supports Manager
Rasnick Fullard Field Supervisor
Kyla Gilmore Field Supervisor
Emma Heidorn Student Supports Manager
Daniel Heiniger School Partnership Specialist
Juanita Herrera Student Supports Manager
Diamond Howard Student Supports Manager
Asha Jenkins Student Supports Manager
Jessica Juarez Field Supervisor
Liz Keo Student Supports Manager
Adenia Linker Together For Students Project Manager
Monimia Macbeth Senior Student Supports Manager
Katia Marzolf Borione Arts Partnership Specialist
Megan McCormick Student Supports Manager
Otti Pineda Student Supports Manager
Jeanine Pittman Student Supports Manager
Olga Preciado Student Supports Manager
Kenna Rearick Student Supports Manager
Melissa Richardson Student Supports Manager
Aisha Robinson Consultant
Karen Roddie Associate Director of Community Partnerships
Melisa Rodriguez Student Supports Manager
Mary Rosenwinkel Health Partnership Specialist
Kelli Russell Student Supports Manager
Jessica Salgado Student Supports Manager
Varney Selli Student Supports Manager
Kenneth Stratton Student Supports Manager
Rishona Taylor College and Career Partnership Specialist
Chavara Turner Student Supports Manager
LaToya Winton Student Supports Manager
Simone Woods Senior Student Supports Manager

Administrative Staff

This team is composed of the communications, development, and human resources staff dedicated to supporting the program team and directors. The team is responsible for office and fiscal management, fundraising (including corporate and individual giving), and communications (including the website, annual report, and social media).

Name Title
David Cotugno Senior Gifts Officer
Anna del Castillo Development Manager
Zindy Marquez Donor Relations Manager
Andrew Masters Bookkeeper
Maria Miranda Associate Director of Development
Shipra Panicker Associate Director of Operations
Katie Rankin Communications Specialist
Arsen Sarkisian Data Administrator
Laura Zajac Development Assistant

Our mission is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

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