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WBEZ: What to Do if Your Child is Going Through a Mental Health Crisis

Suicide is currently the second-leading cause of death for individuals ages 10 through 34. To respond to this disturbing trend, CIS of Chicago is prioritizing our Mental Health First Aid training. We are offering the training not only for our school-based team, but also for teachers, parents, community partners, and other caring adults. CIS of Chicago hopes to create a safety net for young people by training adults in how to respond to those experiencing a mental health crisis.

CIS of Chicago Clinical Director and COO, Dr. Judith Allen, joined WBEZ’s Reset program with Sasha-Ann Simons to discuss how adults can recognize when a young person is in active crisis. Johnny Krug, an auxiliary program manager at Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School, attended a Mental Health First Aid training, and he shares with Reset what he learned.

Listen to the full interview here.