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WGN Radio: Managing the Balance of Work and Home Schooling

Our Chief Operating Officer Dr. Judith Allen joins WGN Radio’s live broadcast to discuss the impact of school closures on life at home. “One of the things we’re finding right now is that kids are pretty isolated because they don’t have the social network of school, so the ecosystem has completely changed,” she said. “Now they’re at home – the dynamics are going to change with how they learn and what their needs are.” Her tips for parents?
  1. Use the resources provided by the school. This is not the time to reinvent the wheel.
  2. Build your student’s schedule around your schedule (not the other way around).
  3. Create a designated workspace for them with plenty of supplies and good lighting; it doesn’t need to be fancy.
  4. Choose your battles. What can you be flexible on and what are your non-negotiables?
  5. Plan ahead. If you have work calls scheduled at certain times during the day, make a list of activities your students can do on their own during these times. Kids thrive on structure.
  6. Practice patience, not just with your kids but with yourself. If you are struggling, call a friend and lean your own support network.
Listen to the full audio recording below.