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My Do the Write Thing Experience: Reflections from a Past Ambassador

Do the Write Thing (DtWT) is a writing challenge for middle school students where participants have the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences with violence, examine its root causes, and share their ideas for positive change. 

CIS of Chicago School Partnership Specialist, Lolita Cusic, has seen the impact of Do the Write Thing first-hand. Her daughter Sydney served as a Do the Write Thing ambassador a decade ago, and she recently reflected on her experience with the program.

DtWT 2013 Sydney and Lolita
In the Words of Sydney…

“It’s been a whole 10 years since I got picked for Do the Write Thing, and honestly, it still blows my mind. Back then, being recognized felt like a wild ride, but it meant the world to this young Black woman trying to find her voice as a writer.

Flying to D.C. with my mom and teacher was something else. Surrounded by kids from all over, we had different stories but shared a common goal – finding ways to cut down violence in our neighborhoods.

Those days in D.C. were more than just a trip. They were a dive into a collective mission. We were a bunch of kids with a vision, each bringing our unique take to the table. And guess what? I can drop the fact that I’m published in the Library of Congress. 

Looking back, huge thanks to Do the Write Thing for giving me a shot. You didn’t just give us a platform. You pushed us to see the power in our words. So, here’s to a decade of memories, friendships, and a shout-out to a program that believed in a young Black woman’s voice. I’m so grateful for the journey. Here’s to more real talk in the years to come. 

Cheers, Do the Write Thing!”



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