Communities In Schools of Chicago will partner with 147 of the city’s public schools during the 2017-18 academic year. CIS of Chicago will link all of these schools to a range of prevention and enrichment programs to address the social, emotional and physical health needs of children at these schools. At ten of our 147 school partners this year, CIS will place a full-time staff member to also provide intensive one-on-one supports like goal-setting, life-coaching and counseling to students who are off track academically and at risk of dropping out.   

Please scroll below to read a profile about one of our school partners and to see the list of all our school partners.

Henderson Elementary

Henderson Elementary is located on Chicago’s southwest side in the West Englewood community. The school’s priorities for its 300+ students, of whom about 98 percent are from low-income households, include violence prevention, health education, and mental health services.  Henderson has been a CIS School Partner for more than 17 years, and provides an environment for its students that encourages good decision-making skills while building a desire for life-long learning.

In 2010, Henderson was a Level Three school and slated to be closed. By 2016, Henderson has progressed to become a Level Two school.

Ylonda Ware is in her 7th year as counselor at Henderson Elementary. She serves as the site coordinator for the school, responsible for working with CIS of Chicago to connect services and programs to the students. She makes it a priority to stay in contact with her school partnership specialist and communicate her needs. As a result, Henderson Elementary connected an incredible 24 programs and services to its students during the 2015-2016 school year, including programs from the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, YWCA, the MLK Project, and ASAP.

“When they hired me, one of the things I talked about was reducing the barriers to academic success and social emotional learning,” said Ware.  “I have really been able to accomplish that with the help of Communities In Schools.”

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The ten schools that participate in CIS of Chicago’s Intensive Program, are denoted by an *.

Schools new to the CIS of Chicago network in 2017-18 are denoted by **.

Partners high schools are in bold text.

Albany Park
Helga A. Haugan Magnet School
John Palmer Elementary School
Theodore Roosevelt High School

Archer Heights
Richard Edwards School

Armour Square
John C. Haines Elementary School
James Ward Elementary School

Adlai E. Stevenson Elementary School

Auburn Gresham
Scott Joplin Elementary School
Perspectives Charter Leadership Academy**
Perspectives Charter Middle Academy
Perspectives Charter High School of Technology**
William H. Ryder Math and Science Specialty School

Milton Brunson Math and Science Specialty Elementary School
Catalyst Circle Rock Charter School**
Michele Clark Academic Preparatory Magnet High School*
Oscar DePriest Elementary School
George Leland Elementary School**

Carl Von Linne Elementary School

Belmont Cragin
Marvin Camras Elementary School**
Edwin G. Foreman College and Career Academy***
Charles P. Steinmetz Academic Centre
Hanson Park Elementary School

Philip D. Armour Elementary School
Charles N. Holden Elementary School
Mark Sheridan Math and Science Academy
George B. McClellan Elementary School**

Brighton Park
Columbia Explorers Academy

Harold Washington Elementary School

Arthur Dixon Elementary School
Oliver S. Westcott Elementary School*

Robert L. Grimes Elementary School
Nathan Hale Elementary School

James R Doolittle Jr Elementary School***
John B. Drake Elementary School
Perspectives Charter School – IIT Math and Science Academy

Norman Bridge Elementary School

East Garfield Park
Willa Cather Elementary School
Michael Faraday Elementary School
Alain Locke Charter Academy

East Side
Jane Addams Elementary School
George Washington Elementary School
George Washington High School***
Douglas Taylor Elementary School

Stephen K. Hayt Elementary School*
George B. Swift Specialty School

Hope College Preparatory High School
Joshua D. Kershaw Elementary School
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Academy of Social Justice*
Benjamin E. Mays Academy
Nicholson Technology Academy
Jesse Sherwood Elementary School

Gage Park
Rachel Carson Elementary
Walter S. Christopher School
Gage Park High School
Sidney Sawyer School
Eric Solorio Academy High School
Enrico Tonti Elementary School

Garfield Ridge
John H. Kinzie Elementary School

Grand Boulevard
Ludwig van Beethoven Elementary School
Irvin C Mollison Elementary School**

Greater Grand Crossing
Charles S. Brownell Elementary School
Martha M. Ruggles Elementary School

Henry Clay Elementary School

John Barry Elementary School**
William P. Nixon Elementary School

Humboldt Park
Daniel R. Cameron Elementary School
Erie Elementary Charter School

Irving Park
Hiram H. Belding Elementary School
Grover Cleveland Elementary School
Patrick Henry Elementary School
John B. Murphy Elementary School

Ariel Community Academy
Reavis Math and Science Specialty School

Logan Square
Salmon P. Chase Elementary School
Charles R. Darwin Elementary School
J.W. von Goethe Elementary School
Harriet Beecher Stowe Elementary

Lower West Side
Joseph Jungman Elementary
Pilsen Community Academy
John A. Walsh Elementary School

McKinley Park
Evergreen Middle School
Nathan Greene Elementary School

Morgan Park
Foundations College Prep High School

Near North Side
Edward Jenner Academy of the Arts

Near South Side
Perspectives Charter – Joslin Campus
South Loop Elementary School

Near West Side
William H. Brown Math and Science Magnet School
Galileo Scholastic Academy
L.E.A.R.N. Charter School – Excel Campus
Mark T. Skinner School
Washington Irving Elementary School

New City
Cesar E. Chavez Multicultural Academic Center*
Alexander Graham Elementary School
John H. Hamline Elementary School
Arthur A. Libby Elementary School
Sherman School of Excellence

North Lawndale
Thomas Chalmers Specialty Elementary School**
Crown Community Academy
Charles Evans Hughes Elementary School
L.E.A.R.N. Charter School – Romano Butler Campus
Legacy Charter Elementary School

Everett McKinley Dirksen Elementary School

Portage Park
Jacqueline Vaughn Occupational High School

W.E.B. DuBois Elementary School

Rogers Park
Acero Charter Schools-Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz
Eugene Field Elementary School
Stephen F. Gale Community Academy
Jordan Community Academy

Turner-Drew Language Academy

South Chicago
New Sullivan Elementary School
Bowen High School
Noble Street – Baker College Prep High School
Horace Mann Elementary School

South Deering
Burnham/Anthony Mathematics & Science Academy
John L. Marsh Elementary School

South Lawndale
Daniel J. Corkery Elementary School
Little Village Academy
John Spry Community School
Telpochcalli Community Fine Arts School

Mary E. Courtenay Language Arts Center
Uplift Community School

Washington Heights
Marcus Moziah Garvey Elementary
Rudyard Kipling Elementary School

Washington Park
Edward Beasley Academic Magnet School

West Elsdon
Ferdinand W. Peck Elementary School
Louis Pasteur Elementary School

West Englewood
Charles R. Henderson Elementary School
Anna R. Langford Community Academy
A. Philip Randolph Magnet School
Southside Occupational Academy High School

West Garfield Park
Helen M. Hefferan Elementary School
Genevieve Melody Elementary School
George W. Tilton Elementary School
Daniel Webster Elementary School

West Lawn
Chicago Collegiate Charter School**
Richard Henry Lee Elementary School
Mariano Azuela Elementary School

West Pullman
Johnnie Coleman Academy
John Whistler Elementary School
Edward H. White Career Academy

West Ridge
Daniel Boone Elementary School
Stephen Tyng Mather High School***
Leander Stone Scholastic Academy

West Town
Ellen Mitchell Elementary School
James Otis Elementary School
Rowe Elementary School*
Albert R. Sabin Magnet School

I hope that CIS of Chicago remains in our school so that other students can benefit in the same manner as my child. – Elementary School Parent